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tea time antics


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Pip (my wife) has gone out with friends leaving me to make my own tea. I have made two egg rolls, but I have put all the whites in one with brown sauce and the yookes in the other with red sauce. I cant believe how happy this has made me. :cheers:

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too late!! all gone!! yum yum!

Make another, take pics, eat rolls, post pics.

Job done.


I was going to say that too.

But then i lol'ed at TC's comment and decided not to :lol:

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This is 2010 and my wife makes my tea sometimes, and sometimes I make my wife tea. If I made my own tea and not hers she would be angry as it would show total inconsideration for her and an inefficient use of the energy used to heat the frying pan...........and vice versa . Surely your wives make you tea and surely you make your wives tea? Thats just normal isnt it? We cant all make our own tea? Can we? The world would end?

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