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Changing Lock barrell on Fuel Cap, help needed


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I have bought a replacement fuel cap second hand for my hornet. It came off a 98 Hornet and mine is 99. Obviously my key wont work as different barrell lock. It didnt come with a key, so my only option is to change the lock barrell so take my one out and fit into new fuel cap.

However I cant see how to do it? I was under impression there would be a circlip sort of thing but only similar thing can see to that is a plastic cap on bottom of lock, do i need to remove this to do it?

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Normally insert key, insert pin (unfolded paperclip works) in hole (near key) and withdraw lock, but never done it on a fuel lock. dont mix this up with breather hole...

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I have changed the filler cap tho, thats whole point, dont want to end up buying a third fuel cap. Must be a way to change the lock, what goes in must come out.


if the barrel is removeable it may need the key to remove it along with the pin/paper clip as mentioned earlier

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