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Rubbers on GPX750R


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Hey guys.

My bike is off the road atm.

Few weeks ago, came back from Minehead to Notts to visit family, 2 up in the rain, bike felt less and less pwerful and bogged down.

Thought at first must've had some crap in the carbs.

When the weather dried out however, I discovered that the rubbers seals that go from the airbox to the back of the carbs had been sucked in slightly, so obviously way more air being let in and bogging engine down.

Looks like the reason being rather than using good sturdy jubilee clips to hold the seals on, previous garage had left on these awful ancient springs which had no tension. Now the rubbers are pretty old and hard but difficult to find replacements. i've been told that using a hairdrier might work, softening them so I can pull them over then tighten with a jubilee clip rather than springs.

I think the easiest way for me to do this is gonna be to take the carb assembly off, so I can align the whole thing good and proper rather than just trying to stretch the carbs individually. I've got some carb cleaner so might have a go at cleaning a bit of muck out while I have it off.

Being ultra cheeky though, I'm not the greatest of mechanics - is there anyone who lives nearby with a bit more spanner skill than myself who wouldn't mind popping over at some point to make sure I don't make a dog's dinner of it? I know the weather's not the best atm. Just wanna get my pride and joy back on the road and learn a new skill into the bargain.

Thanks guys.


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