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Strange one this...


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I adjusted the rear drum brake today on my Honda GL160, here in Indonesia. There had been a fair bit of travel on the rear brake pedal before it bit, hence my adjustment... I did it as follows:

With the back wheel off the ground I tightened the adjusting nut on the rear brake until it started to slow the wheel when I spun it. I then backed off the nut half a turn.

I'll point out at this stage that my back brakes are very squeaky.

All was fine until I picked up my pillion this afternoon. When she got on and I moved off, the squeaking started even though I didn't engage the rear brake. I checked that it wasn't seized on, no problem there. I tried to back off the adjusting nut by hand and managed to do this a little, but the squeaking continued. Is this normal? does carrying a pillion bring forward, so to speak, the biting position of the rear drum brake?

Any thoughts gratefully received.

Oh, and why are my brakes so squeaky? It's very loud...

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Squeaking is normally associated with dust mate. Decent blast with an air gun may solve it, otherwise its a strip and clean out with brake cleaner job.

As for pillion, I'd be surprised if it activated the brake in any way, but it might, slightly.

Sounds like the right idea to back it off a bit though :thumb:

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