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Conspiracy theory............oh no this is real


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Oh dear. Does anyone know or have heard anything about an American plan in the 60"s called operation Northwoods? All the paper work was finally released in 2001 and some of it seems pretty close to recent events. Real life is much better than corrie :D

http://www.reference.com/browse/wiki/Op ... Northwoods

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They could have released it to make us think they are innocent for the 9.11 bombings. As why would they release such incriminating data otherwise!?!? Or so they might want you to think...

Either way, its in America. Let them have their burgers and soda with extra cheese on both.

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Wasn't it was the US government that shot kennedy.

So the war in vietnam could continue and the American weapons industry could carry on making a fortune which was good for the US economy.

Rumours where that Kennedy was going to pull the troops out. Thus ending the war early.

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This was released before 9/11 under the U.S version of the freedom of information thingy. All I know is................you cant do smeg about it. Still things could be worse. At least a man infected with a top secret man made variation of Malaria isnt on the loose in the U.K..........................

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All I know is................you cant do smeg about it.

That is exactly why I try not to worry about it.

I'm well aware of what's going on, but I don't let it stress me for that very reason.

I don't buy into most of the conspiracy stuff, (Oswald didn't shoot Kennedy but we did go to the moon and 9/11 wasn't an inside job... and none of it makes any difference) but I don't doubt for a minute that governments, including our own, commit and permit crimes against the people in order to increase their reach, power and influence.

We are unarmed and basically powerless, the government is holding all the cards and is now pretty much unopposable.

We are under local councils, which are below the national governments (and the crown), which are below the EU, which is itself, below the string pullers above it. (MEPs have no real power - it is the unelected commission that hold that).

There's meant to be reform going on in parliament now but it matters not. That's like telling a marionette that it'll be free if you give it new strings.

Just one good example of how far gone and hopeless it is...

Ireland, the country which just over 91 years ago took up arms against the forces of the Crown and (for the most part) secured their independence, culminating in becoming a republic 61 years ago (that is well within living memory)... even from before the war of independence, the Irish Republic (Poblacht na hÉireann - pre 1922) the Irish Free State (Saorstát Éireann) and the modern Republic of Ireland (Poblacht na hÉireann - again) there were individuals and groups working to influence things to keep a grip on power for the ruling class. It took just 60 years from full independence for the people to be bullied, badgered and scared into approving the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty which effectively turned Ireland into a subject of the EU.

This isn't some new development either, back when the UK joined the EEC as it was then called, we were being lied to by politicians who KNEW the ultimate goal was a super-government ruling over all the member "states" and not merely the "free movement of goods and people" that it was sold as.

We do not live in free countries, we are not free people, nor are we in any kind of position to do anything about it.

It doesn't matter who you vote for, the government always gets in - and that's the problem.

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