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Back tyre puncture


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I've had my YBR125 since July (from new) and have done about 1450 miles - I went to take it out today and the back tyre felt a bit soft. Went to put some air in and it was reading nearly flat! The last time I used it was sometime last week (can't remember the exact day) so not sure if it's a slow puncture or not - will check again tomorrow. If it is, are slow punctures repairable or should I have it replaced?

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If it is in the centre of the tyre it is fine to repair, but if it is in the wall of the tyre you should replace it.

You can either take the bike to a bike place which does tyres who can vulcanise it or put some "Slime" in it http://www.slime.com/ I have run bikes with punctures on this with no real issues.

This one I plugged with those kits you can buy, and then slimed it once I got home ;) ran it for a fuirther 4,000 miles without a problem.



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If I was you I'd take it to a tyre repair place and see if they'll fix it.

Then I'd get a new tyre sooner rather than later!

I've had repairs before but never really trust them :lol:

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Had the back tyre on mine repaired after I ran over a nail - been running fine ever since and not lost a single pound of pressure. If they do the repair properly it'll last the life of the tyre.

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