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NSR 125 "knocking" & gearbox/clutch advice?


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So the NSR I'v have for a while, I'v done about 3,000m on it and I'v noticed there is a slight knocking coming through the foot peg from the engine (comes through at engine speed), there's a high chance its been there since I got the bike and I started noticing it a fair while ago, just not worried about it much...

So I figured it is about time I asked weather its the signs of the fabled *knock of impending doom" or not :?

I have been thinking about rebuilding the top end over winter (infact a full strip would be fun) and the knock isnt getting any worse to be fair 8-)

The only *characteristics* I can give (remember lol) is 99% of the time I feel it is when decelerating with no load on the engine (in gear no throttle slowing), I'll be doing a ride this evening and update if I notice anything else though...

The gears feel very lose at the peddal, there have been 2 indicents where the bike jumped out of first and one where it knocked between 1'st and neutral for half a second and then stoped in neutral, although these incidents happened throughout the time i have been riding the bike and could be related to me not being firm enough with the pedal.

N is hard to find when the bike has just started/cold (but easier with a few rev's, is this normal, oil temp maybe?).

The clutch is actually dragging ever so slightly but I have ajusted it a number of times and to get it 100% disengaged (currently about 98% disengaged, only even noticable when the engine isnt running) leaves very little slack on the lever and i dont like the lack of travel through engaging this way so I have left it for now.

Could this be a sign of the clutch plates being worn/springs?

I half fancy stripping the engine and replacing the top end/clutch plates & springs and maybe gear selector forks (check the dogs) but to be honest if its not going to improve things there is really no point lol...

Any thoughts on any of these subjects would be much appreciated..

Best regards

-Chris Jvr

Ps, I also changed the oil the other day (did twice when i got the bike with 200 miles inbetween just to flush it) after leaving it for about 2,700 miles and it came out still looking pretty much new! What I took out was decent stuff from the bike shop, what i put in was cheap wilco (was planning to do the top end but decided to leave it till i retire the bike over winter) but I have noticed there has been absoloutly no change to the way the bike behaves lol! :P

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