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L/H Switchgear **Update V2**


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Hi guys been a while since my last post, hope all is well. Got a question for you.

My Scooter is due for MOT next month (20th) And something gone wrong, Well i say gone wrong more like a 2 press event!

My left hand side indicator seems to need 2 presses for it to work, when its on, its on and works fine (Works fine everytime also, never no more than 2 presses needed) And stays on untill i click to cancel the turn.

Is this a MOT fail, If yes what could be a cure? iv checked wires in main wireloom for breaks,splits,pulls,tight etc and all seemed fine. Took it apart and gave it some "squirt" but still seems to be a 2 press event.

Is it easy enough to wire in a universal switch gear? As in just replace the wires that have come from each switch?

Thank You

UPDATE 18th October

So went to go out on my scooter today and checked basics and realised i had got NO left hand rear indicator! My front Left + Right Rear/Front all work fine! I took my bike to bits and checked wires coming from switchgear and connections were all fine! I also checked bulb with a working bulb and it still didnt work.

The Front Left is now flashing twice as quick as the right set do.

Could think be a "Earth" problem as it cant be the relay as the other side and front work?

Any ideas?


Update 18th October V2

So after thinking sod it lets have a look, i found out the connection to the rear left had pretty much rotted away / Snapped so i rewired them, and guess what fully working! :)

Proper chuffed with myself as i dont really know what im doing with bikes but im a qualified car audio fitter. So electrics is kinda my thing (in cars anways)

Bit of a hassle getting to wires had to remove seat, both side panels, under seat storage, rear lights and under tray and grab handles.

Cheers guys!

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if anything it would be the main switch itself if it works after 2 presses dont panic to much the tester might think he didnt press it hard enough first time


Yes thats what i think it is its not the wires but the Plastic switch that you press left / Right. With some luck the tester will think he has not pressed it hard enough. (IF it does fail is it a simple case of rewire a new Switchgear?!

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if the switchgear needs replacing its a fairly simple job mate... i did mine on my old bike and only took 15 mins or so


Thats what i like to hear, So its just a case of taking the wires from my old unit, and connecting them to the new (UNI) unit..

Does the brake light connect to this also? Or is this ran to the brakeleaver itself?

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well on mine the switchgear came with a length of harness on it and had plugs on the end... no fiddley wires to worry about it simply was a case of unplugging it and plug new one in.. with regards the brake light wires they should be part of the harness coming from the switchgear but even if they are not they will be colour coded so matchin em up again will be aa doddle

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