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RST textiles

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i know this brand is looked upon as entry level gear, but i've just recently bought some textile trousers and jacket which are both RST, and i'm really impressed with them.

Another thing i thought i'd mention, is that I noticed a while ago in one of the editions of 'Ride' that the RST two piece leathers (can't remember which model) rated very highly in their tests, and beat some of the other more expensive leathers by a long way on the abrasion resistance and seem burst strength tests.

I normally look for the best value for money gear, and this brand (along with Spada - i have some gloves by them) seem to be pretty good. I always thought that after i'd been riding a while i'd look to 'upgrade' my gear to some of the more well known brands (and hence more expensive), but i can't really see that happening now.

Anyone else a fan of the more affordable brands? Any other brands that you like that do good value / quality products?


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I have the RST ventilator 2 textiles and think they're great. I was out in an absolute downpour for over an hour and they didn't leak in the slightest. Couldn't say the same for the Spada 100% waterproof, Ride magazine recommended, gloves though.

My leathers are a high spec and fairly pricey, but not a very well known brand.

I think in general you get what you pay for, in that if you pay good money you will get a good product. Doesn't always hold up though so you still have to do your research before you buy. Also doesn't mean you can't find cheaper kit that works well.

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I love my rst jacket (still trying to remember the name off it lol) but wouldn't like it for summer, its great in winter (and that's coming from a not cheap 2 piece arlen ness suit lol)

i will find the name of my jacket...

EDIT: Certain its the RST Ventilator..

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got textile RST jacket and trousers also , Had them since I got my bike and I love them , keep me nice and warm .

although since im always skint I also have to wear the trousers during summer too , and they get smelly sometimes lmfao

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