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Some People Shouldn't Be Allowed On The Road...

Guest MHarrison94

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Some drivers should NOT be on the road!

So today I'm walking to the bus stop to go to college and see an extremely nice looking CBR600F drive past...

I wait 10 minutes and hop on the bus, not 10 metres down the road I see a woman being questioned by the police and the bike sitting against a wall and his bike messed up...now I walk down these roads every day...and I know that the turn the woman must've been turning out is rediculously easy to see the traffic coming from where the biker was, so she must've pulled out without looking and a care and hit him...and I know this because of the way she was parked up etc.

Just a little rant of why some people like her shouldn't be allowed on the road! Hehe, luckily the damage to his bike wasn't too bad and he didn't seem too messed up either :)

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Well her car was scratched up too...forgot to mention that bit hehe and also if he fell off why would police be called? Wouldn't he just deal with it himself? Also she looked quite distressed...basically everything about the whole situation looked as if she had hit him off...

Even my mates thought so.

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