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Failed Mod 2 2nd attempt

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Hi all. Took me re-test yesterday started the test with leaving the side stand down while trying to start bike kept on stalling when try to put in gear about 4 times until instructor said check side stand is up nerves what all over the place by then. So get out on the road and felt a bit more confident double checked indicators as thats what I failed on last time. Did the 10 min independent riding part no problem which I think really is nothing to worry about. Got to about 5 mins way back to test centre just heading onto the A1 of a up slopping U curve and noticed a van was moving slowly and coming to a stop a little in front and I think I must of pulled the front brake a bit to much and misjudged the slop and the bike almost crashed to the ground. Anyway had hold of bike at arms reach and I was that far up towards the handle bars I could'nt pull it back ( This is a er500 aswell so they are quite heavy and hav'nt been in that kind of situation before ) up so instructor said just put it down and pull it back up. Got back to test centre and she said u failled but I already knew then she also told me a bit early in the ride I rode through were there is diagonal lines in between two straight lines so that was a serious fault aswell. So I think its back to a 125 for a bit to get some more experience on the road and sick of seeing me 250 in the back. Re-take planned for some time in January and sorry about the huge paragraph lol :)

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Bad luck Sean. Yeah, nerves are real PITA :roll: Better luck next time :thumb:


Might sound stupid but, is instructor also an examiner when you're doing bike licence? :oops:

Nope, you go with your instructor to the test centre and you are examined by official DSA examiner. But don't be afraid, a vast majority of them are really great guys that treat you like a fellow biker and not like another number in their book :wink:

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Better luck next time....

I know its disapointing - I was too when it I didnt pass..

Just run through in your mind the points you need to practice ie (staying off the front brake when leaned over on a U bend)

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