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Luggage questions.

Guest jame58rown

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I was just wondering about how panniers would fit onto a bike such as this:

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NEW-125cc-Commute ... 19bd8eed1b

It looks as though if I got a pair of panniers for the sides, they would stick out the back because the rack is so far back.... if that makes sense? :?

Also, could anyone reccomend some 'cheap' (<-- that ones important :lol: ) and large panniers, that could take quite a lot of stuff?

And some advice on a top box thats also (you guessed it :roll: ) cheap. Should I get a hard or soft top box? that would fit on the tiny rack of the motorbike above (or similar).

Is it 'viable' to take loads of luggage on a 125cc bike?

Soooo many questions.....

Thanks, I appreciate your answers. :D

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I've never heard of the bike you show, I assume it's nasty cheap Chinese thing probably made of cheese. I think you'd be better off looking for a good used Jap 125 such as YBR125 or CG/CBF125 which will a) be more reliable, better built and with easy parts availability and b) will have far better resale value. You might even find one with a top box fitted already. The only 125 I know of that you can get a hard pannier fitting kit for is a Varadero 125 but they are much more expensive (£4k new, from £1,500 used), don't think I've ever seen hard panniers on any other 125s. But top boxes are a common enough fitment. How much do you want to carry? If it's considerably more than would fit in a top box, you should be looking at a larger capacity bike or maybe a car!

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I want to carry enough camping stuff for a weekend and rock climbing equipment. I can't afford car insurance as I'm a boy and insurance companies are sexist w*****s. :P

Do you know of any 125cc bikes with a larger capacity than the one shown?

could I get a pair of soft saddle bags and a soft top box on a bike like the ybr?

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