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Failed MOD 2 first attempt.

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Had it in my head i'd do it all by the book and get it done. And it was all going swimmignly in & around Banbury. Then did the 10 min independent ride, had to find my way to Broughton, which took me down one of those horrible crumbly single track lanes.

This one to be precise:

http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&sourc ... 3,,0,23.42

Now it comes off an NSL road, and is therefore an NSL road itself, But doing 60 down it would put you in a hedge. Fast. So I thought "safe & steady progress" and continued down at 30, slowing to 20 because of a cyclist and a blind hill crest at one point. Made our way back to the test centre and Was told I'd failed because I was "too slow".

Pissed off didn't come close. Well, 10 working days and we'll get THAT re-arranged. :evil:

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I've heard of "going too slow" on roads like that before, but in cars.

I'd have probably gone a bit faster than 30 knowing that piece of information but really he should not have failed you, unlucky though. Maybe its because it looked like you had lack of confidence (Rather than being assertive and making a judgement call taking in consideration the quality of road and lack of visibility)

Better luck next time! When is it it booked for?

EDIT: Taking a look at the road, some area's could have been done at 60, just brake early and take corners steady.

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Unlucky mate.

Looking at that google maps link it does look like you could of gone a bit quicker. But still, it's a crappy reason to get failed on, being cautious.

The worst thing is it's subjective, another examiner may well of seen nothing wrong with your speed and passed you.

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