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not a problem, just a question


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I commute to work every morning on my bike, I start it up (always first time btw :)) and put choke on until it can run without it.

Obviously with the weather getting colder recently, it's taking a bit longer to warm up. But I've also noticed that when cold (from overnight), it struggles to rev in the lower RPMs but not after about 3-4k. when it gets warm, it's fine :).

Immediately I just put it down to cold, but I was thinking, could the spark plugs be on their way out? or rather, are spark plugs operation affected by the cold? Is a colder fuel mixture / environment harder to ignite?

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May struggle at the lower rpms when quite cold, my SV used to, then full choke it got to say 3k and slowly rose to 4k..

I tried never to set off until the bike could rev freely in the lower rpms, so idle to about 4k. I knew when it could, then it was warm enough to set off but still take easy (although I didn't always take it easy :lol:)

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If its warming up after 3/4 k it doesnt sound too slow in getting warm really

Obviously now the block/ engine/oil are colder it will take a bit longer to reach runing temp.... in winter

Thats often why any thermostats fitted do not open until the engine has reached temp to allow the engine to reach temp as soon as possible without excessive revving causing extra wear. Good thing is it probably means you have a nice tight engine when cold..obviously as it gets hotter and up to run temp the metal engine block will expand somewhat and everything can run more freely.

point to think about-

I'm not familiar with the cooling system of your bike but generally speaking if any temp thermostat is permanently open , or even non existent, it will take longer for an engine to get warm and this will be more noticable in winter

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