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Virus sweeping through my Dogs


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Well, just had a call from the vets, one of our dogs has Parvo/Parva.

It's come from an animal rescue centre having already claimed 4 dogs lives, and has clung to the clothes of those who have helped out down there and has now passed onto our dogs!

Not happy, but the rescue centre is covering the costs as it originated from there.

Just a waiting game now.

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The biggest dog is Molly - Blue Mearl cross Border collie - she is now down the vets on a drip

In all We have 3 dogs including a further two puppies that are being fostered.

Paddy is a terrier - the oldest of all the dogs, Dotty is a springer cross between something else, and I have no idea what the puppies are.

Assuming this has been caught early, then there is a good chance the vet can do their magic and the dogs will be okay, if not, then it's the needle :/

The Virus itself attaches to you're clothes etc, and can show up a few days later, it is highly contagious, and effects cat's aswell as dog's.

Symptons include Lathergic, Runny Diorrea, Blood in amongst pee/poo, and a few others.

Currently having to disinfect everyone that comes in through the doors as most of our friends have dogs aswell -- Just hope this has been caught in time and can be combated.

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hope your dogs pull thro, i know abit about parvo as i lost a dog to it :(

its highly contagious and the virus can live upto 6 months or longer in the house if it as the right environment, so i would say dont let anyone take there dogs into your house that not had there veterinarians.

the 1 thing i could never forget was the smell :puke:

once you smelt it you never forget

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Molly has been placed onto a drip aswell as anti-biotics, she is ill, but vet is hoping to bring her through it.

As far as I can tell, only Molly has been affected so far, but having to keep close ob's on the puppies. Apparently the older the dog, the better the chances of survival, whilst the younger the dog, the lesser chance.

Time will tell I guess.

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Just a quick warning to other dogs owners living in built up areas (towns etc..) This is a new strain of Parvo, currently at it's peak in the towns and cities Vet's are currently working on a anti-biotic to combat it, but if you do suspect it, don't wait, take the dog straight to the vets.

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Well, as the vet's are still learning as to what this strain is there is nothing they can do, and the effects seem to have reversed themselves, it is the older the dog that are at risk, not the younger ones :/

Whereever she is, im sure it's a better place than she was before, just wish I could have said goodbye to her.

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