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disk lock choice

Guest walkern

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I have acquired two disk locks (a xena x2 - http://www.xenasecurity.com/product/mot ... ain/page1/ which was free from MCN after passing my CBT) and a Luma Solido Access - http://www.shoppingbank.com/daybreak/mi ... /12317433/ which was given to me).

Has anyone got any thoughts on which is the better one? Other than because my xena is brand new and boxed I could put it on ebay ;)


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As far as visual deterrants go, it much of a muchness innit .... if they want your bike, it'll be gone ... :(

Personally I'd use them both, to see which I prefer. Then keep the other as a spare.

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Know i'm a bit late in saying this, but the Xena X2 appears to be more of a deterant as it is greater in size and more visible. Also the Luma Solido, looks like it would easily break off with a small blow to the side/main barrel with a hammer. Still great gifts :lol:

+1 NC24. If it's cheap it's cheerfull 8-) Disk locks dont really come into their own, unless you have two, (one front and one back) otherwise the 'locked wheel' can bew lifted and the bike can be manuovered. :|

Hope this helps, and I'll appoligise about lateness again :oops:

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