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Failed the bastard Mod 1

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Ah simple mistake. You'll ace it next time.

At least you didn't do what my mate did, on his 59 plate (so less than a year old) Black CBR125R and try the swerve in the wet only to lowside it and scratch the bast*rd to hell.

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You'll sort it next time and you'll also know you've had a real practice on the course before without any other problems

Incidently it is possible to lock the back wheel up and still pass as long as you notice it and release the brake quick whilst retaining control..worth knowing if you do feel anything lock again

Guy before me did that but released the brake quick by instinct and still passed

Good luck

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sorry to hear that! mod 1 is so hit and miss.

you'll pass next time for sure as you know what to expect.

my instructor gave me a useful tip, and it went along the lines of trying to imagine something resting underneath the rear break lever, that would break easy with too much pressure

(the exact image he gave me only applies to blokes though, i'm sure you can work it out... ouch! :shock: but worked for me)

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