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odd wobble


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Thought i may ask well as you guys, on arriving in montrose on fri the front end suddenly started to wobble, basically upto about 35mph you feel it throuh the bars its not major just annoying after 35 nothing upto well not so legal speeds.

Nothing is loose and we had just done a major run on motorway tyre is pretty much in a position to be replaced I havent knocked the wheel so the only conclusion i could come to is the tyre is out of shape anybody any othjers ideas or is this the most likely problem?

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thats the luggage ruled out then didnt you take a change of clothes ya smelly twat :lol: :lol:

could also be a balance weight gone missing and you only notice it at low speed

if no joy with the new tyre start checking head bearings

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Strange thing is I dont remember there been any balznce weights on the front but its a possibility with way it suddenly started....like has been said when i get round to it new tyre is first on list!

If it did have a balance weight and it has come loose there will be a sticky residue left on the wheel where it used to be.

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