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Indicator/lights fault help!


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I've got a scooter that I'm trying to get thru an mot. One of the things it failed on is the headlight/tail light flash in time (get brighter) with the indicators. The obvious answer would be a bad earth but I've cleaned these up and even added an additional earth back to the battery earth lead. Could it be the flasher unit/voltage regulator? I know on this Model (piaggio zip) is all one unit but I don't wanna buy one just for the original to be fine. I know this isn't really the forum for this but I've tried on scooter forums and I've just been blanked (probably because I'm older than 16, can legally ride anything and don't brag that my 50cc does 70mph and out runs porsches)

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So could the be to blame? Other than that the only option I see is a new loom (pain in the ass).


Had a think about your problem and as you say it occurs when you switch the indicators on.

Ideally the voltage at the tail light should be checked with meter lights off indicators on

What happens to tail light and headlight if they are off and indicators are on? do they (tail light etc)flash then?

to me it could be 1. A faulty indicator switch itself putting a live feed to the headlight and tail light via regulator but would do this when they are off too!

but 2 because its happening in time with the indicators I would tend to think its the regulator/flasher unit itself. - may have a pair of contacts arc'd and welded together

It would be unlucky if the fault was in the loom and just happened to be in the wire from the flasher unit but possible i spose

Not much help I know but most connections are straight forward single wired connections and volt regulator and flasher unit will be common to more wiring so also a reason to suspect regulator/flasher unit

sounds like you need to get/borrow one at least to try out on it

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The head/tail light are always on with the engine running, but I guess the indicators should work with the ignition on? I'll give it a go... I thought the reg is at fault because as you said it's a common thing they share so seems the obvious option (but then I'm no bike expert)

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I've ordered a reg/flasher unit. It occurred to me that poor battery voltage could be to blame so I hooked it up to the car via jump leads but made no difference. I hope the flasher unit sorts it or it's 30 quid down the drain! Just gotta wait for it to arrive...

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