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Exhaust Butterfly Valve and Check Engine Light


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My light came on a couple of weeks ago. After a few rides it went out, but then a couple of day later it came on and has been on ever since. I thought it was probably EXBV because sometimes the exhaust was very loud when i reved it in neutral, whereas it's notmally more of a wooshing sound. Then i began to notice that the noise which i assumed to be the valve/servos operating was operating several times when i turned the electrics on. Sometimes with a long buzz at the end.

Anyhow, i didn't get a change to go to the dealer's yesterday so today I took the plastics off (easier than putting them back on :D ) and took off the cover over the valve (snapping the drive shaft off some cheap tools in the process). the valve seemed to be operating fine (i didn't take the assembly apart as the bike is pretty new), but now i could visually confirm that the valve was operating 3 or 4 times when i turned the key (presumably it shouldnt). I took the cover off the motor and the cables seemed pretty slack, so i tightened them up and voila! Now the valve turns one way and then the other and then stops. No funny buzzing sound either.

Plastic back on - indicators still work, and went for a ride. I -THINK- it seems ok. Seems to get up to speed ok. Just tipped over 120mph briefly before the next slip-road.

The only thing now is that i can hear a squeak every time i hit around 4k revs. Maybe i'm just more aware of it now because i had heard the occasional squeak before.

Hopefully in the near future the light will go out. I'm not sure if my tightening will have changed when the valve opens and closes? If it feels ok over the next few days then i'm not worried. I'll chop it out eventually.

So for anyone with a new bike (so it shouldn't be seized ; An exception to "I beofre E except after c"?) try checking the tension of the cables at the servo motor end. I can only assume they have a bit of stretch in them when new.

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Most exhaust/power valves go thru a sequence to show they are operating. Are you certain the squeak is from this? if so it may be just requiring some lubrication. Make sure you havn't overtightened the operating cables as there is supposed to be some clearance/slack included.... :cheers:

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