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Winter has arrived early

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Been out on the bike today and felt sorry for all the brass monkeys . Can anyone recommend a good warm , and DRY, winter suit. Otherwise I'm going into hibernation until spring. Budget is tight though, so happy to consider eBay at a push as owners views are far more realistic than any

lying git mag, especially RiDE! Heard of a couple of guys who spent £1500 on Rukka suits and they leaked!

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I think you will find a lot of RiDE stuff is rider based, and the team do test the stuff themselves, both under controlled conditions and on the road in real terms.

If you go cheap you will end up sweating and feeling cold.

Cheapest way to keep warm is thin layers of technical material - runners kit, walker or mountain gear or EDz and ForceField for biker specific. Avoid cotton, retains water and makes you cold.

Waterproof kit needs to be breathable or you will feel cold due to sweat.

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I bought some thermal running gear and the problem i found is your core gets cold because your not generating enough heat to keep the material working as it should do.

I've not found an answer yet but last week i wore 3 base layers leathers and a hoodie, i made sure my neck was securely wrapped to make sure no wind got down my neck area, it worked quiet well in all fairness..

Heated grips, still the best thing i have bough this side of 2009' fantastic kit.

If you find anything workable let us know :)


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Get some thermal long johns and a top from matalan or some place. My thermal long johns are great, even with jeans the wind blast is lowered a lot and really helps to keep warm.

Although my blast the other day with leathers and the thermals and I felt the cold after a bit.... so if you can defo go for some of the higher end stuff. I'm gunna look at the EDZ winter top and bottoms soon...

oh and invest in a decent neck warmer/ wind stopper.... REALLY make a big difference.

EDIT: when it gets too cold though, I'll be swapping my leather jacket for my textile one, even better :mrgreen:

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Riders gear is pretty good I use the sazuka trousers.

After many years of winter riding you really do get what you pay for I use helly Hanson and/or edz base layers and then mountain kit as mid layers.

Oh and those people you have 'heard' of should contact rukka and get replacements as rukka use goretex which always comes with a guarantee!

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Akey speaks the truth! To be fair you never hear from happy people.. only those who complain. And like Akey just said, them Rukka suits woulda been guaranteed. Personally I use the same sort of combinations of HH base layers and walkers kit as a mid layer. What I do like is wool though. A thin woolen jumper works wonders for me.

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