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Question about boot sizing.....

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this may be obvious but to the uninitiated it isn't!

When you go on ebay and look at boots, are they unisex? Only ask as a size 7 men's shoe is generally a different size/fit to a women's size 7.....do girls tend to do for a smaller size than their normal trainers etc?

Stupid question alert! :mrgreen:

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I've no idea if ladies shoe sizes vary from mens, but I waould always try finding the item you want to buy in a local bike shop if you can, then when you know what size you need order them cheaper from Ebay.

I have done this with jackets and trousers before as the size you expect you need is usually not the one which actually fits, there seems to be something odd about bike clothing sizes in general! :D

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Boots all have different fits, just like shoes and trainers do so you really need to try them on. Bike boots also have to deal with different size calfs so while they may fit the foot they may not be a good overall fit!

Having said that I know a lot of girls who wear mens boots as they find they fit well so you may find they fit just fine.

Just to make the point my alpine star boots were a size 8, my TCX were a 7 and my current boots (Berik) are an 8 1/2 :shock:

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I'd say men's boots would be broader at the toe than womens, but even when I was trying on womens' specific boots they all differed in fit. I'm usually a size 5 but had to take a size 4 in one pair, than a 5.5 in another :roll: .

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