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2-stroke rebuilds


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Best thing to do is keep an eye on compression if this drops it's rebuild time but at least it's easier and cheaper than a 4 stroke. Apparently. Using quality oil and letting the bike warm up before using over half throttle should help make it last a bit longer.

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Using quality oil and allowing it to warm up properly would keep any engine in better condition though.

The man you want to talk to is Fozzie3000.....

ok, thanks for the responces (apart from the mile one.... haha) I only ask because there is one for sale in my area and its (just) in my price range, but if it had to have a reuild then it would no longer be in that price range :( lol

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Cagiva mito's are fantastic bikes. Love em to pieces. I want one next year as a run around!

But onto the serious stuff.

The Mito according to the manual and owners agree that 9000-10,000 miles is what each piston has got.

The rebuild kit, on ebay that is which goes for about £60 includes a piston, rings and bearings. I installed one for a mate a few years back and thats what he got for that sort of money.

The bike itself has a 35,000 mile lifespan before you may as well chuck it in the skip so take care. Apparently at this mileage the electrics go.

If you do get one, things to keep an eye on.

Bodywork - Keep it clean, and in good condition. Its known to become quite tatty.

Electrics - Any glitches especially with the starter motor, clean the gear but if anything else then starts to fail try and buy a full transplant on ebay

Engine - Religiously look after it, try to use the right oil, Putoline TTX, which is thicker and lines the cylinder better.

Also with the engine, dont let it seize. Ever! Modern 125 2-strokes arent like those of old. I made this very mistake thinking if it seized id just rebore the cylinder and put in an oversized piston. Nope... The cylinders are all lined for improved reliability against cold seizures. They must be replaced in the event of a seizure, a whopping £200+ there.

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