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electrical problems


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Was at tesco the other day and bike wouldn't start the gauges and everything. For a while making some kind of really fast ricking sound but not actually do anything. Tesco said they had a free rac recovery service and the guy put his volt meter over various parts of the bike and he said that the readings weren't constant and were rising and dropping all over the place. He boost started it then I drove it back to my house. He said don't turn it off because it won't swith back on again but it did and I haven't had a problem since. Should I worry at all or just keep seeing what happens? Does it need checked out or just keep driving it and not worry too much???

Cheers folks

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There is obviously a problem, so get it sorted if you can. Trouble with electric is they can be a bugger to pin down. From the brief description you give though, i'd be checking for a bad connection or earth. Check all fuses etc, all connecting plugs.

What bike is it? This will help others identify and help if they have had a similar problem.

Some suzukis are prone to bad behaviour if they get wet for example.

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Triumph daytona 600 2004. Well getting my dads meters on it tonight, taking battery out and charging it, fuses like you said, and make sure there is no wire exposure check earth etc then get the meters back on it. If there is still a problem then I shall give in and take it to a garage lol.

All working fine at the moment starting fine light all good running fine so its not urgent as yet so I can just about afford to take my time trying to find the potential problem.

Thanks for the help. I shall put the earth on my checklist

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