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That time of year


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Here we are again, The time of year the Nation remembers.

For those who do not wear their Poppy all year round, please wear one for the period of Rememberance.

And give what you can.

It means so much to so many, and is as valid today as it was in 1921.

"At the going down of the sun, and in the morning. We will remember them"

Lest we Forget

Thank you for your time.

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Always wear one with pride Cruz.

When i see someone at work without one I like to say

"Isn't it annoying when your poppy falls off, and you have to go and get another one. But its for a great cause"

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I will as I always do. Like many I had family who were killed for this country. As well as buying a poppy I also remember them privately too.

We already know that the main causes supported by the 2010 Poppy Appeal are Afghanistan and Iraq era war veterans and NOT veterans of the Great wars, simply because the number that need our help are dwindling through death.

If there was any justice, it would be the Government, Halliburton, BP, Shell, Raytheon etc.. who funds social welfare programs for this new generation of Iraq/Afghan war veterens... and not the already fleeced public who've paid billions in taxes fighting mercenary wars and chasing mirages in the Arabian desert.

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