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Bike Stalling and Jerking when going to 1st Gear

Guest cakonopka

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Hi Guys

Im having some issues with my Suzuki EN 125. When i start the bike and drop it from neutral to 1st gear, the bike jumps forward a little, clunks and cuts out (Stalls). Then i start up and evenchly goes into 1st. Is this something not right with the cluth and cable, or should i get it looked at at a garage?


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Certainly sounds like the clutch. Are you pulling it right back to the bars? If so I would try adjusting the cable (presuming it's cable operated). Screw out the adjuster on the lever a little bit and try again. If this doesn't work then the clutch may be worn.

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does it jerk forward when you put it in first when it doesnt cut out ?

or does it only jerk when first put in to gear then cuts out?

if it only jerks forward the first time its put in then cuts out i would start looking at the clutch plates as it sounds as though they are sticking together and only freeing off when put in gear an oil change can sometimes solve this

if it jerks all the time when put in gear check the side stand switch as it may not be releasing properly first time

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