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Spray paint coverage?

Guest cozyman

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Just in the process of getting my RF600 back on the road after 2 years sulking in the garage.

Removed all the fairings and in the process of sorting them out. Last owner had a spill, so I've had to discover the fun of plastic welding and how much rubbing down aches your forearm (at least it does now I'm in my 40's, probably no problem in my teens!)

Anyhow on to my point. The bike is fully faired, but I can't seem to find anywhere what sort of coverage I would be looking at from say a 300ml or 500ml rattle can. Or how much more coverage per buck spent I would get with using a sprayer?

Any thoughts ( especially where's best to get paint as it doesn't seem cheap!) would be appreciated.

Cheers Neil

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I got paint from ebay for £4.99 per 500ml can. It would be cheaper if you buy more at once. I used 2 cans to paint CBR125 (copy) but to get good finish I would probably need 1 more. So for much bigger bike I would guess you may need 4-6 cans maybe even more. But I may be wrong, I don't have much experience on it :wink:

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if you are going to spray it using a compressor and spray gun look up local paint suppliers in your area and see if they have any paint on the shelf that been mixed but was wrong colour for the person buying it as they will do a deal on price . you will get whole bike painted with 2 litres of paint and have some spare.dont forget you will need thinners as well

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Performance bike this month has an article about spraying track bodywork with spray cans. They reckon 400ml of paint covers 3 square metres but obviously depends how many coats are required and spraying technique. It's on page 128 of Dec issue (out today I think)

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