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Motorbike Hesitation (Stutter) in Mid range


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Hey guys, any clues on this?

If I start at 0mph and go to 70 (lets say entering a motorway) if I give it hard rev's its all fine.. however, when I am doing about 30-40mph and have it drop down one gear ready for a fast pull away, the motorbike hesitates quite a bit until I put the gear up and lay off the rev's a little..

I do have a slight gap where my End can is and I can see all the black deposits which has been leaking out over time, could this be the issue, or something else?


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Apologies for missing out some essential info. I am in a lecture at the moment, mind was a bit numb :).

Suzuki GSX750F

Filter - Stock

Exhust blow - I'm actually not too sure! Its about 2cm across (the joint) and probably only the width of a hairline.

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put the bike in for a service if you are unable to check & clean the carbs yourself.

Areas to check if it was working ok & has started to play up

1.Air Filter

2.Fuel filter?

3.Carbs- clean

let us know how you get on

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