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Using your own bike for mod1 + 2

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Been looking at the 2/3 day courses for restricted license and it says you can use your own 125cc if the bike is capable of doing 60mph. Mine might do 60mph downhill with the wind behind me.... would it NEED to go 60mph for some sort of manouver as in would i be expected to get to 60mph or is it just a bike that is capable of?

Anyone else use your own 125 for it?


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What bike you got? If its chinese then you are stuffed but if its any major make then you should be fine. You could try and find on DSA website list of bikes approved for A1 tests :thumb:

Edit: on MOD2 examiner may take you to NSL road so you would be required to do 60mph but if you can do 55 you should be fine

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Well, it is still possible to use it. I went on my chinese 125 for MOD1 and examiner told me if I can produce a dyno printout proving it can reach 60mph they will accept it but I don't expect it would be easy lol

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I had no problem passing mod1 on my chinese bike

and I'll be doing mod2 on the same bike next thursday

You may be lucky enough to have your bike on their list or lucky to get examiner who didn't bother to check your bike with list :roll:

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