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Spare £1 for the Royal British Legion


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This is an email from Dex a member of the forum serving in the RAF...

Hi Folks,

Please give me 2 mins of your time.

If you have no interest in military charities - feel free to hit delete now, and thanks for reading this far.

Otherwise - read on. The Royal British Legion (even if you don't know much about military charities, you'll all know about the Legion's Poppy Appeal) looks after the welfare of all military personnel, serving and retired, and their families. Many more recently formed charities only Help those from the most recent conflicts.

The RBL don't spend a fortune employing highly paid fund-raisers, the work is done by volunteers.

We all know about the 2 minute silence at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month each year (armistice day) well this year the RBL are trying to raise awareness and raise some more funds for the great work they do by getting a 2 minute silence into the charts.

The single (don't worry - it has a video!) is being released to hit the charts in time for Rememberance Sunday. If any of you wish to support the cause it takes a couple of minutes of your time, and your contribution matters.

I've enclosed some text from the RBL below, including some figures of the amount of work the RBL does to help serving and ex-serving, of all HM Forces, and their families.

If you are happy to forward this to your friends, then I thank you. If you can support the single, then I thank you.

If you've even just read this far, and will hit delete, then you still have my thanks for your 2 minutes.

Andy Betson

(Currently deployed in the desert until March 2011)

Thank you for choosing to support the Poppy Appeal by buying the 2 Minute Silence single on http://www.silentsingle.com. We will be honoured and humbled if it makes it to the number 1 spot in the UK charts on Remembrance Sunday. It features stars like Thom Yorke, Mark Ronson, Martin Johnson and Andy Murray; it has also been backed by Stephen Fry and David Beckham.

We are keen to share this message of respect with as many people as possible, so please share this email with your friends and ask them to come to http://www.silentsingle.com and make a donation of a £1 or more if they like. All proceeds of single go to helping serving and ex-service members of the Armed Forces community.

Key stats on where the money goes:

1. The Legion has committed £25 million to the Personnel Recovery Centres, including £12 million to The Royal British Legion Battle Back Challenge Centre, a facility being built to enhance the recovery of wounded, injured and sick Service personnel, which will become a national centre of excellence for adaptive sport and adventure training with the military at its core.

2. The Legion spends over £200,000 a day on providing welfare and support for our Armed Forces.

3. The Legion’s campaigns have resulted in more than £12 million in increased compensation paid to our most seriously injured Service personnel

Those are three good reasons to be proud of your contribution to http://www.silentsingle.com – let’s spread the word and make the Legion a big hit on November 14th.

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It looks like a hell of a lot of text when you paste it up!

I'm amazed you managed to read it all Vicki ;)

But basically the RBL would love to get a 2 minutes silence single in the charts for Rememberance Sunday. It costs a pittance to buy the single (which does have a video...) and support the cause.

If you only ever donate to one military charity - the Royal British Legion is the one to donate to.

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