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Few Track Q's of my own...


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So me and a friend did our first track day at oulton park in october and had a blast!

We were in the novice group obviously which was the largest with a mix of all kinds of bikes.

I was on my ZX6R and my Friend on his R6 (both '99 bikes) we where both kind of nervous as you would be and worried about slowing the pace in corners etc...

..How wrong were we !

both of us were flying past everyone, I got overtaken by a R1 once (on home straight) later on in the day which i was expecting all day. However we get to next corner and i shot past him! - It was all just so unexpected. But the biggest buzz was jumping of our bike to look at our tyres :D we noticed when lining up for a next session later in the day most peoples tyres were in road riding condition.

- i think we where the youngest there that day aswell, no fear? lol :twisted:

So onto the Q's :

we had that much fun my friend has bought an R1 already for the track next year and i am on my way to buying a track bike.

But i am wondering what the big diffrences of a 600 and 1000 are on the track... now i know the obvious things like more power to get up to speed faster and the wieght diffrence, but i am looking for advice from someone with experience. is it much harder to throw a 1000 into corners then the lighter 600?

so if not an R1 then what could i aim for?

also is it worth doing the 20min run round with an instructor for £25 (usually) or is that just money making? i'd like to better my lines but the guys that day just seem to be showing people how to get there arse off the seat on bends.. which i have no problem with (not saying am perfect though haha)

I have another Q but cant remember it at the minute, will update when i remember, but any further adivce would be great !

Cheers :cheers:

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Sounds like a blast, prepare your wallet to take a bashing!

Instruction depends on the organiser, Hottrax & Nolimits both say on their websites that they charge for instruction but it was free on the days I've been. The hottrax guy spent about an hour with me on track sorting lines & off track nattering about stuff, was really helpful. For the sake of £25 I'd have happily paid and think it's well worth it, you could have a chat before and see what they can help you with.

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