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greetings from almeria...


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well day one over with, they called it a day early as the wind was an absolute nightmare, sandstorms the works was mental.

didnt come off, but did get the suspension guy to take a gander and he made a few tweaks so hopefully tomorrow can put in some respectable times and enjoy it a bit more than i did today. just felt a bit of a struggle bike just wanted to move to the outside of the track, every corner thought i was gonna run wide....hopefully sorted tomorrow.

didnt get chance to get some vids, was gonna do the afternoon after i found my way round but that didnt happen, so videos will be tomorrow now and hopefully i can upload in the evening and post up for all to see...

track wise, very similar to donny i think, huge long straight followed by chicane then start finish straight which gives way to long right hander just like redgate. so many blind corners and some that suck you in silly fast which nearly caught me out a few times.

anyway, really enjoying it will for sure be coming back again.

peace out.


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well today was called off with about an hour to go due to wind again. also managed to fit my camera on the bike in the morning but did i put batteries in that were charged up.....nope.

got one session in the afternoon which was my worst one so thats a bugger. oh well still got 2 days to get some decent footage.

got my time down to a 2.02 ish which is 4 seconds quicker than yesterday so the suspension bloke did good.

getting ready to go have a few beers and some grub then another early night ready for tomorrow.

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having a quality time mate...

another quick one, tis chap turned up today and stuck in some healthy times


funny thing is, he didnt bring a bike everyone in the paddock was offering him there bike. took out my mates r1 and tuck it in the gravel :lol: spoke to him today and hes hopefully gonna take mine out tomorrow and ill stick the gopro on and get some proper action.

oh and this guy will be out tomorrow as well :D


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