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Leaky, leaky..

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Anyone out there have a problem with the waterproofing wearing out on their boots where you change gear? I was out for a couple of hours in the rain today and when I took me boots off there was a nice damp patch on my left foot exactly where you change gear. I did have a completely wet left foot back in September after five or six hours in the rain on the Black Rat run but thought I had fettled it with Nik Wax, the liquid stuff you put on and leave to dry. Obviously its worn off, but only a bit given the size of the damp patch, I'll reapply it but does anyone know of anything that will maintain the waterproofing better?

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don't most boots have an extra piece of material over the toe area? my boots have got a hard piece of rubber over the area of the toe that you use to change gear.

other than what you're already doing, i doubt there is much else you can do to your boots other than keep applying the waterproofing stuff.

(or buy a new pair of boots :wink:

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Yeah Nik wax does wear off after a while, just like most forms of waterproofing, so it would make sense that the area that gets rubbed the most will wear off first.

I'd just reapply the waterproofing, should be fine.

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