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Petrol tap


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Anyone have idea why my petrol tap doesn't work on reserve? Some time ago I've managed to run out of petrol as I wanted to check tank range :roll: It turned out bike used all petrol, including reserve and switching tap didn't do anything... How is that possible and what may be wrong?

Not that it is a problem, I just have to watch my mileage lol but in case I ever miss it it would be nice to know I still have reserve :roll:

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there is a disc inside the tap that normally has rubber seal on it the disc has holes in to release fuel from the tank.it could either have perished rubber seals on it or is just badly worn and is alowing fuel through you can buy rebuilt kits for the tap means draining the fuel from the tank and taking tap apart and rebuilding it,or the tube on the tap inside the tank has come out of the tap there for both on and reserve are working as reserve either way you will have to remove tap from tank to find out

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Normally taps have three positions, Off, Fuel & Reserve,, Could it be your riding with the tap in the reserve position :?: :?: :?:

No, its definitely in Fuel position. It may be as eastanglianbiker said, the tap may need rebuilding. I have seen rebuild sets on ebay for £13 so I will get one when I can be bothered lol. Today I have replaced my tyres and GOD WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! lol :roll:

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