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Yesterday went like this ..........

Guest flumpit

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Yesterday went like this ….. Woke up this morning terrified about doing my Mod 2 …. Looked out at the wonderful weather nature had decided to add in to the equation, put on what felt like every item of clothing I own and some.

Got part drowned going over to Wembly, got fully drowned waiting for my instructor to arrive. Swapped to a 500, belted it down a rather blowy rainy A40 to Uxbridge to drop of another bike, took a wet and slidey trip around Uxbridge before giving up and going to dry off in a café and try and compose myself after sliding about on leaves and puddles.

By this time I was soggy and utterly terrified!

Finally time for my test … great so now raining but not so windy but my nerves are shot to shit! So think ok well you are here now just don’t do anything too embarrassing, like drop the bike…

First 5 minutes aren’t too bad, then I realize that my examiner is the quietest chap in the world …. Well actually he’s not, the radios packed in … start to really panic, pull over and we try to fix it, start off again, as long as he is basically sitting on my back wheel it is fine, any distance and he turned in to an underwater garbled mess and I was only getting one word in about 5 and with any distance at all he goes completely. Realized that I only had a clue which way I was supposed to be going by looking at his indicators in my mirrors …. Which I am pretty sure is not the way it is supposed to work, could be wrong but I am sure some would have mentioned if it was an exercise in being psychic … Give up and just pull over .. of course cos he pulls alongside the radio starts to work again! Set off again see roundabout getting closer and closer ... still no instructions ... end up having to stop, put bike in neutral and wave arms about to get an idea of where I am supposed to be going! Pull up again down a side road, try and fix radio again have to do a u turn as we are now completely off any known route down a tiny side road .... and set off again with one grumpy disbelieving examiner in tow!

So now I am wet, really panicking and pretty sure I have really really pissed off the examiner… one last attempt at getting it to work results in examiner actually having to beep his horn at me to get me to stop as by this point I think he has figured out that I am not actually ignoring his every instruction on purpose or being completely blonde and he calls a halt to the test! Get led back to the test centre in yet more rain!!

So not strictly a fail as it was aborted and i don't have to wait the 10 days but i do have to try and get a new date which is kinda challenging w oh and i don't have to pay for the next test and can claim some compensation for bike hire and loss of earnings which should cover everything else… and the good news is that apparently I didn’t get any major faults on the riding that we did which I probably should have done as I went to pieces completely! – wet ride back to Wembly for tea and to dry off, head for home get rained on yet again and nearly blown across the hanger lane roundabout!

Thought this may give you a giggle … well it did me! Really life has a funny sense of humor and there is always next time!

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i think the guy should ve passed you. As you had no major faults and it was down to his dodgy equipment why the test was abandoned. I think you ve been a bit hard done to. Good luck for the next one :cheers:

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