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2011 IAM Skills Day(s)

Guest GubbaTM

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Hello Guys and Girls,

Got a message through from the IAM yesterday that they've announced the skills day dates for next year.

details here:


I'll be getting myself on the silverstone one on the 20th June, as i cannot recommend it enough to get skills for the road. This is open to non members as well.

The cost is £150, and that gets you 7 sessions on the track with an instructor to every 5 people (or maybe less next year).

Obviously a long way off, but they do fill up very very quickly! Go and book if you're interested, and if anyone is going apart from me, I'll sort out travel (I trailered my bike there this year)

p.s. buying a "voucher" for £150 guarantees a spot on one of the track days. The earlier the voucher is "exchanged" once you have it, the more likely you are to get on the chosen day you want.

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They teach you skills that are used in racing but are then are applicable to road use. It's a lot less manic than a normal track day, and the tuition you get is top notch. It's a great way to learn how to get the most out of your bike, and have a little play without speed limits. It is classed as "learning road riding skills" and therefore normal road insurance covers the day.

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Just one question

Probably a stupid one, but I'll ask anyway :roll:

I haven't gone through the T&C's etc as I am only considering one

As this is am IAM event are you expected to wear a one piece leather or are you permitted to wear your everyday riding kit?

many thanks :cheers:

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I could be wrong here, but my understanding is that you MUST wear LEATHERS, either a one piece, or two piece that zips together.

I've heard that you can hire leathers on the day.

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Just to update on this one - the website is now selling the track days directly (£189 ea.)

The Silverstone one is on monday 20th June, which I am considering. However, due to a trip abroad, I dont think I can justify the expense this year. For that I'll need the bike serviced and new tyres, which I'd then wear a fair bit if I did the track day.

go to the website above to see details. Still reccomend it above any other track days (the extra cost gets you tuition and no maniacs!)

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