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happy to be back...


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I have one of those rarer breeds of bike where I sometimes have to use a specialist bike forum for specific enquiries ( I also have to use a specilist forum about where I live and work for advice).

Trouble is there are a lot of people from 'across the pond' using these sites.

What Ive noticed is;

At least half the time my questions are never answered (the thread goes off on a complete tangent).

Most of the time it will turn into a petty debate because someone will start making moronic comments.

There seems to be a culture of one-up-man-ship.


To the point where I avoid them now.

This is not really a gripe, I just wanted to say how nice it is to chat/read threads with other brits. Its like going on youtube when youre drunk and finding an old episode of 'thundercats' or 'the chart show'.

It really makes me appreciate the smaller things of being at home and that brits are generally good lads and lasses.


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