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Snapped chain


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Oh what a journey home I had today after university... I was doing about 20mph, constant speed, no acceleration or changing gears, and suddenly I heard big bang, the bike didn't react to the throttle anymore so I stopped and wanted to get it on neutral but the gear lever (pedal?) was floppy.

I got off the bike to see what the hell happened. I saw cracked chain guard and the chain was on the ground behind the bike. It didn't fell off completly, one end of it was still inside the engine case, where it goes on the sprocket.

Soooo I had to push it home, 2.5 miles. God if feels so light when I ride it and after few minutes it felt as heavy as a tank when I was pushing it. :lol: After 50 minutes walk and few funny looks from people I got home and put it in the garage, I don't want to see the damned thing at the moment.

I wanted to ask you, more experienced bikers, what could cause this. I had the bike for about 2 months, I did about 540 miles and when I got it the chain was far too tight. I adjusted it to a point where I believe it was okey, as there is a small window in the chain guard which tells me that if I see the chain in it then it is adjusted correctly. However the top of the chain was resting on the frame, well not the frame itself as there was a plastic guard on it. I forgot to find out if that was bad or not so it was like that for a while... Also, I cleaned the chain only once (using white spirit) and lubed twice.

Was it my fault or the chain was so old that it gave up? The bike is 19 years old SR125 and when I got it the oil and tires looked like they were never changed before :lol: I wanted to know if I fu**ed up, so I don't do it again you know :oops:

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