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please help

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Just tried to tighten my chain as it was about to jump of and i wish i hadnt touched it now. undid the real axel and then i loosend the lock nuts on both sides. then i tighten each nut 1/4 of a turn and find the right tension in the chain. i then look at the swingarm guides to find the left side at 5 marks and the right side at 4 marks. so iv totally screwed up and my wheel alignment is a mess

please help

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1. Ensure that the wheel is fully back against the adjusters - You may need to pull the wheel to do this.

2. Tighten the Axle nut until it is just better than had tight (approx hand tight + 1/8th turn).

3. check wheel alignment (count the marks left and right) and adjust nuts as follows (loosen chain side / tighten non-chain side) until the alignment marks are now the same.

4. Physically check that the wheel is straight with respect to the frame - If so, all is well. If not you have a problem (see advice at the end of this list).

5. with the bike verical, and someone sat on it (about your weight), adjust the nuts 1/4 turn at a time until chain tension is correct (about 1/2 to 3/4 inch vertical movement in the middle). Make sure you adjust the nuts the same way (i.e. tightening by pulling the wheel rearwards). Fine tune adjustment as necessary.

6. Put bike on centre stand and with the rear wheel off the ground, turn wheel and ensure there are no tigh spots on the chain (if so, minor adjust (loosen) until OK). If this cannot be achieved, you need a new chain & sproket set!

If wheel not aligned (4), then either the adjusters are fitted incorrectly, are not a matched pair, the rear frame is twisted, the wheel is buckled. Seek professional advice if you cannot spot the problem.

All the best,


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Hi iv just managed to get it alright i dont think its perfect though

i had to grab the wheel and pull it to the right. i thought i had 4 marks on one side but when i pulled the wheel i got 5 marks

anyway it looks ok and iv tightened evreything back up but there is play in the metal thing that the locknut tightens up to

im going for a short ride for a few miles and then come back and check evreythings tight

and then im going for a blast as i pissed about all morning now

and then i will check it again and then i will need help if its out

thanks for the comments just quickly read through them and will check it all when i get back

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just got back. the wheel didnt fall of so thats one good thing :D

i instantly noticed how the bike accelerated better and strangly how it was easier to change gears

evreything is done up right and the chain is tensioned correctly its just if the wheel is aligned properly

had a great ride though probably the best so far its just so cold though

i did nearly loose the back wheel a few times on country lanes it was still wet from the rain yesterday and there was mud/gravel on the road

oh something else i noticed 3 times my clutch slipped. one when i was doing about 30mph and twice on full throttle blasts. one even managed to go to full redline at 13000

so yeah new clutch soon :D

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