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Secret Santa gossip thread!


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Right, everyone should be receiving a PM from Rennie today telling them who they've gotta buy a Secret Santa gift for, and where to send it.

Just to repeat how it all works....

Buy a gift - funny, appropriate etc etc for approx £8 ish (about £10 incl postage) and send to your victim!

It would be good if everyone could post their package during the week commencing 6th December so hopefully they'll all arrive around the same sort of time.

Once everyone has received their pressie, Rennie will put up a list of who bought for who!!

Please use this thread for any discussion/posting pics of what you get - and remember, IT'S A SECRET!!!!!! :lol:

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Wrapped and ready for Father Christmas to pick up. :D If he can spare the time of course cus I know he`s a busy man around this time, making all the toys and dieting ready for the mince pies and sherry I`m going to be leaving him.

He`s also cheaper than Royal Mail :wink:

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Post Office says I can't send explosives!

WTF do I do now?



You didn't actually tell them what was in it? :shock: :hitfan:

Whenever sending incendiaries or C4 like substances NEVER disclose the contents :hammer:

Just hoping the sniffer dogs don't pick mine up :wink:

The lengths you have to go to to diguise the smell :roll:

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