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Veto Evo Datatool

Guest scottie

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Hi , I have a Veto Evo alarm fitted to my Triumph RS Sprint, over the winter I do not use the bike and I want to remove battery during this time.................However on taking battery out the alarm goes off, anyone know if you can fully disable alarm to allow battery to be removed....I thought perhaps taking alarm fuse out would be the answer...............cheers

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not familiar with that model, but a look at the datatool website should sort you out with the support section :thumb:

I'm pretty sure the you can turn em off wit a key press or combination thereof ....

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From the manufacturer's guide:

Service mode

Use this facility to disable the alarm system eg: when you wish to service or clean your motorcycle, or remove the motorcycle battery.

• Disarm the alarm system by pressing the O.

• With the ignition switched ON, press and HOLD the O until an audible beep is heard. The ignition can then be turned off.

When the alarm system is in Service Mode, the LED alarm indicator on the motorcycle will remain ON and an audible beep will be heard every 15 seconds.

In Service Mode, the Protective Trigger Switch is disabled.

• To return to normal operation, press the O.

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