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bike locks

Guest ton1

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hi guys this is a little premature cause have not got my bike yet but was wondering what kind of security people use everyday,

things like i will be using mine to go to streatham 3 nights a week for training and will have to park my bike on the high street,should i padlock it to something,

at night i will put it in the garage ,shall i padlock it aswell,im new to the motorbike scene so just after some advice


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Depends on all sorts of factors really ... but for peace of mind then:

Available options to you:

Disc lock for front wheel (alarmed models available) when out and about.

Ground anchor when at home with a decent chain (Almax is recommended brand).

In the absence of a ground anchor, something immovable will suffice.

Other stuff is available, like movement sensors, alarms and trackers etc. But you haven't giving any info to go on, so I don't know if you are talking about a £200 hack or a £20k superbike ....

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£6k Triumph?! Lock it up in Streatham!

Things like lamp posts/bike racks are fairly acceptable. I would go for the biggest-ass chain you can afford plus a disc lock (perhaps an alarmed one if the bike isn't alarmed)

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Almax Series 3 (or perhaps Pragmasis 16mm), through the frame of the bike to a lamp post or something equally strong (no railings, too weak).

Alarm of some sort (disc lock alarm is probably just fine for this bit) to help stop kids from trashing your bike when they realise they can't have it.

And hopefully near enough so you can hear the chain being grinded at night and/or the alarm set off. Because if you can't then i can't guarantee it'll still be there in the morning.

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Mate, a 6k bike in streatham? Get yourself over to londonbikers, and check out the stolen section.

You will need to get a almax, or protector chain, and a alarmed disc lock. Never carry a chain in your rucksack. Imagine what would happen if you came off. You can get a bag which straps to the pillion seat and carrys your chain.

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