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Motorbike Games...


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I am talking mainly about MotoGP 09/10 and SBK-X

These being the most recent and am not sure if there are any others... other than GTA; but i mean Track racing :P .

Anyway, why do they suck so much? Now i am not a guy that is all about "oh my god the graphics look amazing"

I still play the old command and conquer games as the game play is fantasic, but these games are awful and seem designed poorly for todays standard...

1- the realistic track type racing is not very real at all - bashing into eachother all over the place... ok?

2- coming off the track is just a case of pop back on the track and not lose any positions?

3- the design of the bikes are awful... pretty blocky

4- along with the design it just looks cheap and just appears to be no detail in the game play (hard to describe) but i know slick tyres can look the same moving as stood still, but just no effort? ... every racer looks the same just re-skined in there leathers - ooohh except Rossi, i wonder why! haha.

5- the biggest one for me, the Sound is total krapp!

Rant over :) I just want a bike game with some effort in the creation, not just something for them to make a quick buck!

Am Sticking to Road Rash :up: :P


Super Hang-on

:D :D :D
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I think it's probably because there isnt a huge market for motorcycle racing games, so they dont get nearly as much money spent on making them as some of the bigger titles. What console do you have?

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Try Microprose GP500, its quite old now but its a million times better than any of the bike (and car) racing games since. You can also mod it with the latest colour schemes if you want it to look up to date.

Also it's pretty tricky at first, but once your used to it, the handling is superb.

Be warned though, if you manage to get good on it, every other racing game after that will just seem cr@p

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