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Motorola Defy


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This is my first review of anything so go easy on me ;)

So been playing around with it for the past day and a half now and obviously I haven’t unlocked its full potential yet but thought I’d let you know what I think so far...

Well to start with it feels very "positive" what i mean by this is it doesn’t feel like its going to snap at any moment which i feel phones like the iphone do, it is heavier than most phones at 118g but I like it.

As the for the waterproof, dustproof and scratchproof bit it hasnt down the loo yet nor have I dropped it "touchwood" lol, but the screen does feel solid enough and no scratches as yet. The screen has a sortof tacky feel; you know the feeling of a screen protector on? It is easy to clean but is slightly annoying if your fingers are damp as they don’t move across the screen very easy. The phone itself has a rubber type coating which not only helps keep it clean (no horrible grubby finger marks everywhere) but gives it abit more of a rugged look, which to be honest I love!

The screen is HUGE! (3.7inches) the phone itself is slightly smaller in height than an iphone (107 x 59 x 13.4 mm compared to the iphones 114 x 59 x 9 mm) but the screen is bigger (iphones is only 3.5inches), it is extremely clear and bright (480 x 854 pixels).

Buttons are in all the right place with power/lock being at the top, volume on the right side and home, back, search and menu being along the bottom of the screen, these being tough sensitive along with the rest of the screen. The phone offers you 7 home screens which you can personalise to your hearts content with apps and widgets. It is very responsive and quick to move through screens and loading up games having a 800Mhz processor. I’d go more into the techy bits but to be honest I haven’t got a clue :D

Taking pictures and videos is much like every other phone except the Motorola doesn’t have a dedicated “camera button”, you have to touch the screen to take a picture or start taking a video. Picture quality is ok; it has a 5 megapixel camera so not too bad but could be better since phone companies are now releasing HD cameras/video cameras in newer phones, it also has a flash. The pictures can be dark but the phone has inbuilt Kodak Perfect Touch which automatically enhances your pictures to make them brighter ect… again id go into more techy stuff but you know :D Oh yeah, the camera has multiple zoom too.

Texting and making calls is a doddle, texting can be done with Motorola’s Swype, this is where you move you finger along the screen to letters you want to use rather than typing, its is quite easy to use but I much rather like using the QWERTY keyboard. Having been using a phone with buttons it felt abit weird typing on a screen without getting any response from keys but I’ll soon get used to it I suppose. Motorola are using a technology which drowns out background noise when you’re talking over the phone, my boyfriend said my voice was much clear and couldn’t hear the TV in the background so I guess this works. One thing I’ve noticed when making calls is that when I move the phone away from my face to end the call it automatically unlocks so I can press the end call button, I thought this was pretty cool :)

Using the internet is easy, much like being on a laptop although I haven’t been able to access all websites though and I have no idea why, my guess is that they’re just not “mobile friendly”. Things like FB, twitter and on here for instance are absolutely fine.

It has a SatNav, in the form of Google navigation which is only in Beta form at the moment, I used it briefly yesterday and found it very slow to respond, only telling me where to go after I had passed the junction ect and it would speak to me, just beep every now and again, so hopefully when the final version is released it will be better I’m sure.

Battery life isn’t the best. I fully charged it last night and now after playing a few games, browsing the internet for about 20mins and playing music for about 10mins it now only has 60%. Maybe it’s just me having been used to an old LG…you tell me?

Transferring things like music and pictures between phone and PC are simple too, simply plug in the USB select what device you want to like to and how you want to transfer the data and you’re there :) I transferred 14 songs earlier and it only took about 3mins. Sound quality is brilliant, even at full volume (which is LOUD!) there is no distortion in the sound whatsoever.

That’s all I’ve found out so far. Hope you enjoyed reading. Any tips about writing reviews would be appreciated.

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Ive had it for a few months now (1 month of that its been in the shop :roll: ).

The in-call speaker of the phone stopped working so i couldnt hear anyone who rang me unless i put them on loud speaker.. so off to the shop it went! apparently alot of people have had this problem so it may put you off buying it.

But if you can get over this it is a brilliant phone!! Im picking up a replacement this week. But i have to say if it happens again i am going to replace it for a different phone! hope this helps and if your going to stick around why not say hi in the newbies section??

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