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Getting Into Racing

Guest MHarrison94

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So I'm not riding yet but I watch Motogp etc and looking at it and thinking about it...and I think I would really enjoy racing. I'm competative but not to the point I have to win, I just like having fun. And I've raced go karts (I know it isn't the same but it's racing none the less) and raced a super moto when I was younger once.

Now obviously I would start out on baby steps...so the 125cc route would be the road I'd go down. To get to the point, I was wondering;

- How expensive is it to start out racing(could I, at 17 with a job, afford it)?

- Am I too late to start?

- When would be the best time to start?

- And like, how do I get properly into? As I've been sent a few links but they haven't been too helpful.

If any of these questions could be answered it would be a massive help :)


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if your doing it for fun and can afford it then as roy says club racing google it :)

but if you want to be competative and try to win you have to be good!!

theres a big diffrence between been really quick on track days and been quick in racing the pace is unreal!!! even at 125 level :? ive been riding 7 years and wouldnt have a go at racing :?

not trying to put you off

if you are really up for it then start by doing a few track days to get the feel of track riding

to put things in perspective on price i know someone who races a 400 and spends 3k each time he rebuilds his engine!! he is building up engine number 3 for next year now so thats 9k in engines!! then theres tyres he usually goes through a set a race meeting sometimes more! then fuel :?

but he is racing to win the championship for the class he races in!!

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before you consider racing, as stu has said, have a few track days, and if you find paying for them easy get saving, on average its around £400 per race, and then there is the tyres, maintenance, van, kit, fuel, practice, hotel/camping. buying a bike in the first place, the trick bits, liquids.

your not to old, but i would look into a bigger class of bike, maybe 400 or 600. that way if you are good enough and go for a proper racing career you will win a little lol but you could go out to impress other teams and maybe if you can prove your worth people will start to sponsor you :)

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if you want to start out racing have a look at the cb500 class, cracking little bike can pick them up pretty cheap and a good competitive level.

as stu said, get into a few track days, get upto speed there and then go racing if you go out racing first you will get buzzed. my first track day at oulton i was dong 2.20 to be competitive in a race round there i would have to be closer to 1.50 so every 6 or so laps i would of been lapped. im now doing 1.54 and thinking about a bit of racing but wont be next year now maybe 2012 i dabble a bit.

but even track days are very expensive, if your in london brands prop your closest track, indy would be around 150 and gp around 250 a day, then around 30 quid fuel a day depending how fast you get, your rubber lucky to get 4 days out of a set, crash damage as you will crash....trust me...

it all mounts up, iv done about 15 days this year and prob spent about 3k

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Thanks all for your replies :)

I'll definately start doing track days...but i will probably wait until im in a full time job as, well, it seems very costly haha.

But thanks all for the replies! :)

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