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Captains log.


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It could be the beginning of the end. It will be like the internet. The bulk of items would be muffs boobs and bums. All the replicator would have to do to kill all humans would be to replicate Deep Heat on everything and Blam!!!! Mankind incapacitated.

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Remember the replicaters in Startrek? They could go to a machine and ask for a Bigmac and the machine would replicate one for them?

No, cant say i do.

But these have been around for years. They are even making sweets with them http://www.psfk.com/2008/01/3d-food-printing.html - This isnt the link i saw years ago, but there was a company who made sweets and you could enter a compotition to design a sweet, and the person with the best ideas had theirs printed off using some special software and an awesome 3d printer :)

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