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Pinlock helmet

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Ok i hope someone can answer this question for me...

Now i have just bought a new lid with pinlock but can one of you guys tell me what exactly pinlock is???

am i right in thinkin it allows you to use a visor insert or am i way off the mark... also if it is avisor insert would a new lid come with the insert already fitted??..

thanks guys :D

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Its an extra bit attached to inner part of your visor. Looks kinda like another but smaller visor :) You sure it is not only "pinlock ready"? What helmet did you get? My gf bought Shoei and they fitted pinlock in store for her

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Pinlocks are fantastic bits of kit. Essentiall double glazing for your visor. Stops the ole mist :thumb:

You describe the little whit pins, if you look closer they are eccentric. There is a reason for this, I will try and explain.....

The pinlock is an inner visor, a stiff piece of clear plastic, on one side (inner) is like a silicone bead, this provides the seal. To create the pressure against the inside of the visor and keep the seal intact, each side on the pinlock visor is a nock. These line up with the posts and you gently turn the posts to create a better seal (increasing tension) against the inside of the visor.

It pays to take your time when fitting one, and make sure you are clean and not (like me covered in dog hairs lol) dirty.

Pay particular attention to the bead when fitting, you want a decent seal. Once you have it all together and the visor back on your lid, have another look to be doubly sure. Fitted right they are damned effective.

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You probably have pins already, but everytime I have bought a new insert, new pins are in the packet.

The bead is attached to the insert already. Tis a very small bead!

Any probs, give us a shout.

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Pinlock anti fog inserts are amazing, very useful things.

I got mine from race visors, they didn't have one specific to my helmet so I emailed them, they asked for a picture of my visor then they told me which one I needed, very helpful service at a great price.

I need to get one for my new helmet actually. A must have for winter, second to heated grips 8-)

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