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New rider advice; throttle-cable snapped whilst driving..

Guest Andaah

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Hi all.

I'm a new biker (as of Aug) and own a 2001 Kawasaki Eliminator. Bought it from a bit of a bodger (not an insult) but am not knowledgeable enough to maintain the bike as well as he did.

Anyway, I was riding the other day, on the flat, when I heard a bang and lost all power. I pulled over, got safe and had a look. I noticed straight away that my throttle cable had snapped. Also I noticed that I was leaking white and brown liquid from somewhere below the seat (not the battery I think).

Now before I go to a repair shop (anyone know of any decent garages near stafford?) and they tell me something catastrophic happened, I would really appreciate if someone could suggest what happened. There also appears to be a break in something black and looks like it might connect the carburettor to the exhaust? As I said I know very little.

Any help would be really appreicated!


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Hi there,

best introduce yourself in the nooby section if your planning on staying, its the general line people give to new users ... anyhoo ..

Deffo sounds like somethings terminal, white and brown liquid ? two different liquids ? im guessing oil is the brown stuff =, which would be bad enough, but im not sure what the white liquid is .. ?

The exhaust doesnt connect to the carb, so im guessing you mean the cylinder head?

Took any pictures?

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Will get some pics up ASAP but just moved so might be a while before they appear. Think I introduced myself a few months ago before buying the bike.

Thanks for the help so far. Hopefully the liquid is nothing major as it was only a tiny bit but some was definately white. I gather a new cable would be relatively minor so let's hope it's just that!

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If the cable had been oiled, and then water got into the the cable body... this could explain any emulsified oil .. as you say, it was only an ickle bit ....

And yes just the throttle cable would be ideal :D

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