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Navy Aircraft Carriers


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Just when you thought the government couldnt stoop any lower

I here on TV this morning that the two aircraft carriers that have

finally got the go ahead will now be built by Polish workers who will

work for 30% less than the natives. Im all for cost savings in such

hard times this has seriously pissed me off, it said they have started

laying off the British workers (Some by text message).

How can anyone justify this?

We may as well by a couple of cheap chinese carriers of ebay.

If things like this continue it is seriously going to cause tension surely

we should be looking after our own first and if there are extra jobs then

employ foreign workers. Its not as if there isnt the skilled workforce

after all they are sacking them.

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Yeh and lets sack the Polish pilots that fought in the Battle of Britain.

Least we forgot

Its nothing new, the replacement ship for the 'Atlantic conveyer' (lost in the Falklands) was built in Japan

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Are they been built in britain by the polish workers?

Am sorry but if you ran a company you would do the same, being loyal to the natives unfortunatly doesnt cut it, think you'll find that some british people would rather sit on there arses than work for a certain amount of money!

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I just think that we should try to protect british jobs during

the hard times, by no means am I ungreatful for what the

polish or any other country have done during and conflict.

Without upsetting anyone and this is a serious question what

would your opinion be if you were layed off and replaced by

someone else at a cheaper rate?

Anyone that says they would take it well in my opinion isnt

being completely truthful and its a lot easier to accept if its

not you its happening to.

Personally I would be completely pissed of and I feel sorry for

the people with kids and mortgages that are losing their jobs

which I make no apology for.

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It comes down to supply and demand. Sorry, but if someone else can do your work for half the price then they are going to get the job.

It looks like BAe contracted lots of workers but don't have enough skilled workers for the job, so lots of polish were contracted too. Now they're cutting back they've laid off the more expensive British sub-contractors, obviously. Those polish workers are still getting double minimum wage.

Remember too that this is all for aircraft carriers we don't even want. If the contracts weren't fixed the way they are they would have been scrapped along with the harriers.

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Unfortunatly its the way things are, everyone is tightening there belts!

If they didnt then the contracts would only go overseas anyway so hopefully at least some brithsh companies stay afloat!

Maybe its down to some of the british workforces mentality that sees them out of a job, were going through annual pay talks at the moment and some of the shit you here from some of the emplohees is unbelievable I hate this time of year cos all i really want is to keep my job as it feeds my pastime home and kids!

Tbh if I were in a position where I needed to deal with this shit, i'd probably look elsewhere too!

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