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Identification wristband

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Safety is always a big discussion point so I thought some folk might be interested in roadid.com, a website which sells wristbands you can personalise with your own details.

I've bought two bands from them, one for running and the other for wearing all day including when I'm on the road.

Your details are laser-etched onto the metal plate - I have my name, date of birth, next-of-kin, blood group and the fact that I have no allergies.

The site is based in Kentucky, US, and its international delivery service is very efficient.

To stress, I have no interest in the site other than as a very satisfied customer who feels just a wee bit safer knowing that if the worst did happen - either while running or riding - there might be something on the wristband that makes the difference.

Ps. I checked with the mods before posting this.

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Personally I'd rather buy a pair of dog tags, but good shout none the less, especially for bikers.

There are however plenty of companies in England that do these as well, they are generally aimed at people with medical conditions or rare blood groups.

A quick google of 'medical wristbands' will bring up lots of results including a charity that specialise in them. Can get some nice bits of jewlery with all the infromation on it.

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